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Testimonials :: Placenta Services

"Let me start off by saying Sarah is amazing and knows her stuff. I had a lot of girlfriends that had postpartum so I wanted to do anything I could to not get it with my first baby and this was one of those things to help.  
It might sound a little crazy but my placenta pills gave me energy when I was exhausted made me a happy mommy and I knew 100% that I was going to do it again with my second baby. 
I'll never forget coming home with my first baby and waking up in the morning and thinking that my dogs were so dirty ( and they are inside very clean dogs) I thought to myself -now I know why people get rid of their pets when they bring home newborns  then my husband gave me a placenta pill and right away I was back to my old self nursing my baby on one side and holding my little puppy on the other!!  I don't know what that was about..... maybe my hormones and my brain adjusting to a brand-new baby,  nevertheless I never got baby blues postpartum or anything AND my milk came in with both kids pretty much the same day as I got my pills. Sarah makes it such an easy beautiful process. I highly suggest using her and everything she provides I believe deep down in my soul and my brain that this works. Happy baby happy mama."
          — Vanessa


"Sarah is all around amazing!  Not only is she a fabulous placenta encapsulator, but my family and I just love her and felt like she was part of the family.  She has an option to come to the house and it was amazing to see the process. She is so patient at answering questions and making you feel a part of the process.  If you are on the fence about placenta encapsulation, our little family strongly suggests that you do the complimentary meet and greet with Sarah.  You will love her vibe and be totally happy you did.  We hope that she will be part of our birth team again should we be blessed to have another birth story to tell in the future.  Thank you Sarah from all of us!"
          — Jamie           F.

"I feel amazing, my energy has been up and my husband was very amazed at how awesome my mood has been. It has been fun adjusting to my new mom life but I love it. And my milk supply has been perfect for my little one. Thank you so much again, I couldn't have asked for a better experience." 
             — Alexandra


"I used Sarah for placenta encapsulation.  I like how she has a special sterile workstation just for placenta encapsulation. Third baby was the first time I used placenta encapsulation and I really felt it helped with my mood and energy.""
               — Kristin Y.


"I received my placenta pills and smoothie the very next day delivered to my home. Placenta Smoothie worked very well for me. I was on one hour of sleep a day (no exaggeration) and the smoothie gave me a very noticeable jolt of energy. I don't know that I would've made it through those first couple days without it
The combination of the smoothie and the pills help lessen postpartum bleeding significantly. Postpartum cramping was very little to none. Emotionally, I felt normal besides the lack of sleep. 
I would highly highly recommend Sarah. It is clear that she is passionate about her work. She is a great resource to have."
             — Lupe V.


"Sarah also did our placenta encapsulation, which I strongly recommend. I felt energized, happy and strong right away as I took the pills. I still have some I will use as my menstrual cycle comes back and a tincture that I am using with Victoria as she is teething. It's funny, with a drop of it under her tongue, she immediately stops fussing as if she is wondering "what is this in my mouth that feels different, I kinda like it!"
               — Yanina L.


"Sarah also does placenta encapsulation as well as other things too. She did a great job with mine and also made a heart keepsake of my baby's umbilical cord. Thank you Sarah for all that you have done for our family! Definitely two thumbs up from us."
             — Rinda S.


"We had Sarah do the placenta pills and smoothie. She came to the hospital 2 hours after birth to pick up the placenta and delivered the pills to our house the next day. She also preserved the umbilical cord into a beautiful heart shape and gave it to us in a cute little bag. Sarah is awesome. You will not regret her services. Happy Healthy Babies is wonderful. 5 star service!!"
             — Jennifer S.


"In addition to her superb Bradley instruction, I utilized her services to encapsulate my placenta. Though I do not have a comparison, I was happy with my postpartum results as I attributed my smooth recovery to her services."
             — Alicia G.