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Q: I'm in labor. Can I still sign up for your services?

A: Yes! I've had had several couples call me while in labor and I've been able to encapsulate for them. Feel free to call or text me at: 917.447.6500 to find out. Also, your placenta may be frozen for up to three months and still be able to be encapsulated using the TCM method.


Q: Can I have my placenta encapsulated if I am induced, have a medicated birth, have a c-section or have multiples?

A: Absolutely.


Q: What does the $275 encapsulation fee include:

A: • Pick up and drop off to your birth location or home.
    • Processing and encapsulating your placenta.
    • Cord keepsake in a white organza bag.
    • Booklet with instructions, local resources and more.
    • Unlimited support via email, text or phone.


Q: How long have you been encapsulating placentas for?

A: • I have been encapsulation placentas for four years.


Q: What is involved in the encapsulation process?

A: After your placenta is picked up, I will store it in a separate refrigerator until I am ready to encapsulate. (In most cases your placenta will be processed that night and always within 48 hours.) After my prep station has been sterilized, your placenta will be taken out and evaluated for any signs of retained placenta, calcification or anything else that you may want to know about. (I will also take photographs which can be texted or emailed to you upon request.) The membranes and cord are removed and cleaned. I will then drain your placenta of nearly all of the blood. If you ordered the TCM method, your placenta is then steamed with lemon and ginger. It is then completely dehydrated. Each piece is checked to ensure dehydration then ground into a powder, put into vegetarian capsules and finally the capsules are placed in a labeled and sealed container.


Q: What is your turn around time?

A: You will have your capsules delivered to you within 24-48 hours after your placenta has been picked up.


Q: What if my doctor wants to send my placenta to pathology?

A: They may take a small piece from the maternal side for testing.


Q: Where do you encapsulate the placentas?

A: I have a separate sterile prep station in my home that is for encapsulation purposes only.


Q: When is payment due?

A: A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot. This can be made through the deposits page of this website or by check. The remaining balance is paid when your placenta package is dropped off to you.


Q: What is your safety protocol?

A: I have a California State Health Department Safe Food Handler's Card and an OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators Certificate. I adhere to these strict guidelines along with FDA and EPA guidelines for bloodborne pathogen sanitation standards. I even go one step further and double the amount of time that is required for sanitation.


Q: When is it not safe to have my placenta encapsulated?

A: You should not have your placenta encapsulated if:
     • You are positive for HIV or Hepatitis B or C
     • You had a uterine infection while in labor (Chorioamnionitis)
     • Your placenta went to pathology
     • You had a lot of magnesium
Note: If you are using all of your own equipment in your own home, encapsulation may still be an option if you are positive for Hepatitis B.)


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Please contact me to confirm availability. I will send you a copy of the contract. Please sign and email that back to me. The $50 deposit can be made through the deposits page on this website. I also require that you send me a copy of your most recent blood work showing HIV and Hepatitis results. (This is another level of protection that I offer to my placenta clients.) That can easily be obtained at your next prenatal visit.


Q: What do I have to do to get my placenta ready?

A: • Please let your OB or midwife know that your placenta is to be prepared for transport. This can be put into
      your birth plan as well.
    • Please bring a cooler with you to the hospital or birth center. 
    • Text me to let me know that you are in labor.
    • Have your partner remind your OB after your baby is born that your placenta is going to be encapsulated.
    • Your OB will put it into a bag or plastic container which will then be placed in your cooler. You can ask the
      nurses to bring you ice for the cooler. (NOTE: Some hospitals require a 24 hour hold or they do not release
      your placenta until you are discharged. This is not a problem. I will let you know the procedure for
      your birth location.)
    • Text me again to let me know your placenta is ready and in most cases I will be there within a few
      hours. (I do not pick up between 10 pm and 9 am.)
    • I will text you when I am on my way and again when I arrive. Your partner should plan on
      meeting me outside with the cooler.



Q: What is the fee for twin placentas?

A: $350 for either TCM or raw. $375 for half TCM and half raw.
(You can also opt to have just one placenta encapsulated for $269 for either TCM or raw; $284 for half and half.)


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: The encapsulation cost is very low considering the service that is provided as well as the experience, care and knowledge that Sarah provides. However, there are two discounts available:
1. If you are thinking of ordering a few items, Sarah offers packages that save up to $30.
2. There is a $40 discount for providing your own transportation to and from Trabuco Canyon ($20 each way).


Q: What brought you into this business?

A: I have been teaching childbirth classes for eight exciting years. Six years ago I learned about placenta encapsulation. I had a trusted friend who is a placenta encapsulation specialist prepare my capsules after I had my third baby. I noticed a substantial difference in my energy levels even with having three kids to care for! My breast milk came in faster and I did not have the crazy mood swings I had with my first two. Also, I had a piece of retained placenta that I believe never got infected and passed naturally due to my placenta capsules. I was therefore able to avoid a surgical procedure! After relocating to Orange County, I no longer had my trusted friend to refer my students to. I decided to become a placenta encapsulation specialist. I can now ensure that all of my placenta clients can benefit from encapsulation and feel safe knowing that their capsules are being prepared properly.


If there is a question you still need answered, please don't hesitate to call or email! Thank you and have a blessed day!