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The Instructor

"The birth of your child is such a gift. Every new mom (and coach)
should have the chance to have a positive and relaxed birth experience
that helps strengthen the bond with their baby."


My name is Sarah. I have had three gorgeous unmedicated births. One on the hospital, one in a birth center and the third at home. During that time, I received my Bradley Method® Childbirth Instructor Certification in April 2011.

I found The Bradley Method® when I was expecting my first baby. After taking the classes with my husband, my daughter was born without any interventions and I found it to be the most beautiful and amazing experience of my life. My husband and I also loved how big of a role he played in my labor. He was truly an integral part of the journey. My second baby was born two years later, also naturally, with my husband and almost two-year-old by my side. It was then that I knew I had to teach and help other expectant couples have similar experiences.

I am also a birth photographer. Which means I have the honor of attending several medicated births, unmedicated births and cesarean sections each year. I also stay connected with midwives, OBs, lactation educators and doulas. I continue to further my education with classes, seminars and birth fairs which includes a Penny Simkin's DONA workshop certification.

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If I can not answer a question, I will do my best to find the answer for you. This really helps my students to know who to call and what to expect. I love that my students call me in between classes, in labor and for years following their birth. With each family I have the privilege of teaching, I become more passionate about birth and its journey.